EADMT Symposium programme

Fri 6.10.2023

14.30 – Registration starts @Kaapelitehdas, Konttori (staircase A)

16.00 – 16.15 Opening words, Päivi Pylvänäinen, Chairperson of the Finnish Dance Therapy Association @Kaapelitehdas Konttori (staircase A)

16.15 – 16.30 Moving on to workshop 1

16.30 – 18.00 Workshop 1 @Kaapelitehdas

(Staircase B, 2nd floor, Zodiak studio B2 / Staircase C, 4th floor, Zodiak studio C4)

A) Richard Coaten: Building Bridges of Understanding that carry us deeper into ’Being Ourselves’: how Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the care environment provides life-enhancing opportunities for people living with dementia and their carers (B2)

B) Marja Cantell with Erin Harty and Helena Volkov: Embodying mixed method video data: examples from mother-child interaction and online dance classes for patients at risk of psychosis. (C4)

18.00 – 18.15 Break, moving on to workshop 2

18.15 – 19.45 Workshop 2 @Kaapelitehdas

(Staircase B, 2nd floor, Zodiak studio B2 / Staircase C, 4th floor, Zodiak studio C4)

A) Mary Coaten: The impact of the acute adult in-patient ward landscape on the moving body. Reflections on my doctoral study (B2)

B) Päivi Pylvänäinen: Dance Movement Therapy Group as an Interactive Environment for Depression Alleviation. (C4)

19.45 – 20.00 Break, moving on to DMT in Nature (voluntary), meeting outside of Kaapelitehdas

20.00 – 20.30 DMT in Nature (voluntary), Katriina Hyvönen / Outside of Kaapelitehdas,

Outdoors movement moment (weather permitting, wear suitable clothing)

20.30 – Free time for social mingling with colleagues

Dinner option: Restaurant Faro (Kellosaarenranta 2, https://faroravintola.fi/english/)

If you are interested joining the self paid dinner, please email us tanssiterapiayhdistys@gmail.com

Sat 7.10.2023

8.30 – Registration, if not registered on Friday @Kaapelitehdas, studio B2 / studio C4

9.00 – 10.30 Workshop 3 @Kaapelitehdas

(Staircase B, 2nd floor, Zodiak studio B2 / Staircase C, 4th floor, Zodiak studio C4)

A) Pauliina Jääskeläinen: Reciprocity of body movements in work environment (B2)

B) Ana Coimbra Oliveira: A box, wings and heart: working through pain with Dance Movement Therapy. (C4)

Please note that Saturday afternoon programme is provided for people who are not attending the EADMT GA. Delegates/Deputies/Working groups attending the GA will have a separate GA timetable to follow for Sat and Sun.

10.30 – 12.00 Lunch, self paid, if you need assistance on finding a place to have a lunch, please check our website: https://tanssiterapia.net/lunch-options-near-kaapelitehdas-and-lapinlahden-lahde/

Move to Lapinlahden Lähde

12.00 – 12.45 In Memoriam: Janet Adler, documentary film

(voluntary) Meeting at the main entrance of Lapinlahden Lähde’s main building, from where we will proceed to Pylvässali @Lapinlahden Lähde

12.45-14.00 Free networking and dance (voluntary) / @Lapinlahden Lähde, Pylvässali

19.30 – 22.00 Evening Gathering, dinner and free time (dinner is for those who have registered in advance) @Lapinlahden Lähde